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2008: An Evening with Steven Arnold (Ashley Peacock)

Mr. Arnold was born in Warrington, Cheshire, England. Warrington is were Mr. Arnold went to school, and on the suggestion of his drama teacher, tried out for a part in a National Film and Television School production called "This Boy's Story". This film went on to receive Best Short Film in 1991 by the British Academy of Television and Film Awards (BAFTA).

Ashley Peacock arrived on the Street in 1996, as butcher's bicycle delivery boy for his "Uncle" Fred's butcher shop. Soon after, he took up with Ken Barlow's nanny Kelly Thompson. Then later that year, he moved onto the street as Don Brennan's lodger.

After breaking up with Kelly, Ashley had an on / off relationship with Maxine Heavey. During one of these off periods, Ashley took in teenage runaway Zoe Tattersall and eventually fell in love with her. He was all set to be a provider for her and her baby Shannon, but she ran away to join a cult after her baby had died of meningitis.

Finally, in 1999, Ashley and Maxine got back together, and eventually were married. Ashley also found out that Fred was his father and not his "Uncle", having been raised by Fred's sister. When Ashley and Maxine decided to have children, it was discovered that Ashley had some minor fertility problems that needed surgery to correct. During this surgery, Maxine had a drunken one night stand with their neighbour, Dr. Matt Ramsden and became pregnant.

After Joshua was born, Ashley believed he was the father until a DNA test after Maxine's death proved that Matt Ramsden was the biological father. In 2003, Ashley was devastated when Maxine was murdered by Richard Hillman. Ashley hired Claire Casey as Joshua's nanny. Over a year, Ashley and Claire became close, and Ashley finally proposed to Claire in the Rovers. Ashley and Claire were married on Christmas Day 2004, but their wedding was frowt with disaster, such as, three best men, Joshua not wearing his suit, no organist, and their car broke down.

A year later, Claire gave Ashley a special Christmas present...she was pregnant. She gave birth to Freddie, but in Soap tradition, it did not go well. Claire suffered from post partum depression and Ashley had to hospitalize Claire for a few weeks. Soon after this Ashley was once again devastated by the death of his Father Fred.

Mr. Arnold's TV credits include: Children's Ward; Common As Muck; Hetty Wainthropp Investigates; Medics; The Bill; and You, Me and Murley. Film credits include: This Boy's Story; Growing Pains.

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